9 Easy Hikes In Zion National Park

A frequently asked question here at Zion White Bison is if there are any beginner Hikes in Zion. Well, we have some fantastic news for you! Embarking on a journey through Zion National Park doesn’t always require expert-level hiking skills. For beginners eager to explore this natural wonderland, Zion offers plenty of trails that promise breathtaking views without overwhelming difficulty. Let’s lace up those hiking boots and dive into the world of easy hikes in Zion National Park.

1. The Riverside Walk | 2.2 Mile Round Trip

Finding Tranquility by the Virgin River

Our journey begins with a serene stroll along the Riverside Walk, a paved path that winds gently alongside the Virgin River. This beginner hike is Zion offers an easygoing introduction to Zion’s captivating beauty. Immerse yourself in the lush greenery, listen to the gentle flow of the river, and witness the towering canyon walls that gradually close in as you approach the famed Narrows.

2. Weeping Rock Trail | 0.4 Mile Round Trip

A Short Ascent to Nature’s Tears

For beginners seeking a short but rewarding hike, the Weeping Rock Trail is a must. The trailhead is easily accessible from the shuttle stop, and a brief uphill trek leads to the iconic Weeping Rock (this trail can be steep for some hikers). Marvel at the dripping springs and the vibrant hanging gardens that thrive in this alcove. The round-trip distance is only 0.4 miles, making it an ideal choice for those easing into Zion’s hiking adventures.

Insider Tips:

  • Cooling Mist: Visit Weeping Rock during warmer hours to feel the refreshing mist emanating from the rock face.
  • Evening Glow: Late afternoons offer a beautiful golden glow on the canyon walls visible from the trail.
  • Camera Ready: Have your camera ready to capture the unique hanging gardens and the distinctive rock formations.

3. Lower Emerald Pool Trail | 1.2 Mile Round Trip

A Refreshing Oasis in the Desert

Venture deeper into Zion’s wonders with the Lower Emerald Pool Trail. This easy hike offers a perfect combination of lush greenery and stunning rock formations. As you ascend, be prepared for the reward that awaits – the Lower Emerald Pool, a tranquil oasis nestled against towering sandstone cliffs. The 1.2-mile round trip is manageable for beginners, and the landscape is nothing short of magical.

4. Canyon Overlook Trail | 2.0 Mile Round Trip 

Panoramic Views without the Strain

For those craving panoramic views without an exhaustive climb, the Canyon Overlook Trail is a hidden gem. Although slightly more challenging than the previous options, this 1-mile round-trip trail offers awe-inspiring vistas of Zion Canyon. With relatively minimal elevation gain, beginners can savor the payoff of breathtaking scenery without feeling too out of breath.

The first time I stood at the Canyon Overlook, it felt like I had unlocked a secret viewpoint. The expansive canyon laid out before me was a reward that surpassed the relatively easy hike.

Insider Tips:

  • Sunset Magic: Consider hiking the Canyon Overlook Trail in the evening for spectacular sunset views.
  • Limited Parking: Arrive early to secure parking, as the trailhead lot can fill up quickly.
  • Sturdy Footing: Wear shoes with good traction, as some sections involve uneven surfaces.

5. Pa’rus Trail | 3.2 Mile Round Trip 

A Riverside Stroll for All Ages

This Trail might be the best-known beginner hike in Zion! This beautiful expedition is the Pa’rus Trail, a multi-use pathway suitable for hikers of all ages and abilities. This paved trail meanders along the Virgin River, offering captivating views of the Watchman and the surrounding canyon. With its flat terrain and accessibility, the Pa’rus Trail is an excellent choice for families and those seeking a leisurely exploration of Zion’s beauty.

6. Northgate Peaks | 4.2 Mile Round Trip

A Tranquil Escape in Zion’s Backcountry

Tucked away in the quieter realms of Zion National Park (in Kolob Canyon) lies a hidden gem awaiting discovery – the Northgate Peaks. Far from the bustling trails, this tranquil escape offers a unique perspective of Zion’s grandeur. Here’s your guide to exploring the sublime beauty of Northgate Peaks.

7. Watchman Trail | 3 Mile Round Trip

A Panoramic Ascent to Zion’s Icon

For beginners seeking a bit of elevation gain with a rewarding panorama, the Watchman Trail is an excellent choice. Starting near the Zion Visitor Center, this 3.3-mile round-trip hike guides you to a viewpoint showcasing the iconic Watchman peak and the valley below. With a moderate incline, it’s a perfect introduction to Zion’s elevated perspectives.

8. Lower Pine Creek Waterfall Trail | 0.7 Mile Round Trip

A Refreshing Oasis Amid Red Rocks

Adding a touch of waterfall magic to your beginner-friendly roster, the Lower Pine Creek Waterfall Trail invites hikers to discover a hidden oasis in the desert. Starting at the historic Pine Creek Bridge, this 1.6-mile round-trip trail meanders along Pine Creek, culminating in the sight of a picturesque waterfall surrounded by the captivating red rock landscape.

Insider Tips:

  • Spring Visit: Plan your visit in spring for the best chance to see the waterfall flowing.
  • Rock Scramble: Embrace a short rock scramble towards the end for a closer view of the waterfall.
  • Photography Focus: Bring a camera to capture the contrasting beauty of a desert waterfall.

9. Grotto Trail | 1.0 Mile Round Trip

A Riverside Stroll with Canyon Views

For those who appreciate a gentle stroll with intermittent moments of awe, the Grotto Trail provides a delightful experience. Beginning at The Grotto shuttle stop, this easy 1-mile round-trip trail follows the Virgin River, offering glimpses of towering canyon walls and the iconic Angels Landing. It’s a perfect introduction to Zion’s majestic landscapes without the intensity of more advanced trails. This beginner hike in Zion gets our vote as a must-do activity on your adventure.

Insider Tips:

  • Late Afternoon Stroll: Enjoy the Grotto Trail in the late afternoon for pleasant lighting on the canyon walls.
  • Shaded Sections: Appreciate shaded areas along the trail, providing relief on warmer days.
  • Angels Landing Preview: Get glimpses of Angels Landing from certain points on the trail, offering a preview of a more advanced hike.

Zion National Park opens its arms wide to beginners, offering many trails that unravel the park’s beauty at a manageable pace. From riverside strolls to panoramic overlooks, these beginner hikes provide a gateway to Zion’s wonders without overwhelming beginner hikers. So, embrace the call of the canyons, set foot on these trails, and let Zion’s magic unfold at your own pace.

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